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Kurt Erickson

Kurt Erickson

he / him
Maple Valley, United States


Kurt Erickson was born in Rockford, IL in 1977. He received his BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA  in 2005. Erickson has exhibited his work in various galleries in and around Chicago, IL.  With the support of his wife and two daughters, Erickson decided to move from the Midwest to the Seattle area to start a new adventure while still being devoted to his art practice. He is now a member of Gallery 110, which is a co-op in Historic Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. Kurt Erickson lives and teaches others about his passion in Maple Valley, WA.

Artist Statement

Brazenly visual, Kurt Erickson’s work draws the viewer in through his fresh, vibrant canvases. Growing intuitively out of passing thoughts, emotions and life experiences Erickson’s artworks grasp aspects of graffiti art, punk rock and urban grit. His approach to painting integrates a radical embrace of the subconscious mind. Using effortless gestural marks, he allows fluid brushstrokes and the intersection between the intentional and the subliminal to guide his process. Consciously integrating bright, dynamic colors, his works elicit the sensation of free-spirited spontaneity. His paintings encourage one to pause and let the mind wonder. He seeks to make visual art that invites the viewer to consider a new perspective, a more thoughtful way of looking at life.

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