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Kree Arvanitas

Kree Arvanitas

she / her
Seattle, United States


Kree Arvanitas is a mixed-media artist based in Seattle, with cultural and family roots in Greece and Western Europe (Netherlands). An autodidact, she has been illustrating or drawing since childhood.

Kree’s work has appeared in a variety of media, including on NY Times best-seller “Tiger’s Saga” series, Roseanne Gault’s book on paper-clay, various magazines, and even a European biology student textbook. Most recently her piece "Twitter Revolution in Heaven" was featured on the cover of a new book by scholar and author Sima Shakhsari published by Duke University Press.

Kree co-curated the exhibit “Artful Henna” in 2010 (with artist Jeanie Lewis) which featured henna-inspired art on and off the body from internationally acclaimed body artists; and curated “Tesseract: 4 Artists, 4 Dimensions” in 2015 featuring three other outstanding Seattle artists (Matthew Potter, Lesley Rialto and Jeanie Lewis). She has participated in many group shows in Seattle, in a few solo shows and as featured artist. Kree’s work has been featured in “Elegant” and “Obscurae” online magazines.

Kree is a member of CoCA (Center On Contemporary Art) Seattle and A/NT Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Kree shows in local galleries and hopes to expand opportunities to exhibit and study. Kree has been a CoCA-featured artist presently showing on CoCA's YouTube site.

In an interview on the UW program, “RadioActive” the interviewer stated that Kree’s work is “Magical, mythical, political… otherworldly, a sumptuous feast for the eye… An uncanny ability to combine disparate imagery that addresses current sociopolitical dilemmas through traditional artistic motifs… medieval Iranian angels twittering with their blackberries; or traditional Greek shadow puppets ouzo-bombing the World Bank.”

Artist Statement

I love working with mixed media, gouache, overpainting and collage, all which suit my explorative nature. Putting odd things together, various styles and historical periods, using color, anachronism and humorous cues to explore human nature appeals to my aesthetic.

My artwork frequently incorporates and reflects a lifelong interest in mythology, metaphysics, politics, and history. Some of my paintings are lush expansions of styles I learned in over 20 years as a professional henna artist. I use a healthy dose of whimsy, surreal, fantastical or mythological elements to express intimations of gender, power, human liberation, and ecodystopian themes.

I have been participating in, and occasionally curating, art exhibitions in Seattle since 2010. I am always looking for new places to show my work!

My hope is that the viewer will share some of the elation I feel when under the spell of a provocative creative process.

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