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Kelly Delay

Kelly Delay


Kelly Delay is a photography artist based in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon. With roots in the Inland Northwest, Kelly has honed his creative vision for decades, and in recent years, has begun to showcase his talent to the world. With a keen eye for the interplay between light and shadow, Kelly has forged a unique artistic style that draws inspiration from Alexander Rodchenko and Edward Kienholz. In his work, Kelly captures the essence of his surroundings in his travels and daily routines, imbuing each piece with a palpable sense of atmosphere and emotion.

Kelly's art has been exhibited in a variety of venues, ranging from galleries to eclectic cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Artist Statement

For me, the most fascinating aspect of human existence lies in what we create, the EVERYDAY OBJECTS. It is these materials and structures that reveal our desires, our necessity, our creativity, and our capability. Equally fascinating is the tremendous diversity we then display in our engagement with these constructed objects. We sometimes hold dear and embrace our creations for decades or centuries. Or, we may neglect them, unceremoniously, leaving it to the artist or curious passerby to rediscover and redefine our relationship to these forgotten structures as they age, weather, or crack. As one of these curious-type people, I find myself drawn to the colors and craftsmanship, the scars and wrinkles. Although such details and long-lost whispers may go unnoticed by many, to me they exude shimmering glimpses of depth, history, and meaning I can not help but explore, photograph, and share.

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