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Katie Meuser

Katie Meuser

she / her
Chicago, United States


A native of Nebraska, Katie Meuser has experienced openness, breadth, and a variety of landscapes that have shaped her pieces through her artistic journey into the modern spaces of her Chicago home. In the open country, Katie has seen splendor in chaos and control living in harmony, and has been able to focus these ideas into a contemporary style of non-objective and expressionist abstract art with an emphasis on figures, color fields, and moving hues in her pieces. Through her evolving process of color ratios and meticulously expanding, water-like designs Katie has found inspiration in the change and movement of the tones across large canvases and the opportunities her large-scale formats have to offer.

Artist Statement

Personal Boundaries is a series of work that explores the harsh dichotomy between an extrovert and introvert and the peculiar place in between. 2020 was all about forced self discovery, some good, some bad. I was transitioning into a person I no longer recognized, a more ambivert self, never feeling content but at the same time feeling overwhelmed in the tiny spaces my daily routine took me through. I found solitude in my studio and could finally lend myself to my interworld and stop focusing on the outworld and the constant needs of others. I would paint to get myself into a head space where I could be completely free. I would explode on the canvas, expressing my feelings and emotions through expressive color fields consisting of both bright and lurid colors. I believe this juxtaposition evokes both pain and comfort with these complementary yet rudimentary color combinations. The harsh lines showcase the feeling of certainty within the piece while guiding you through it. I eliminated any sort of familiarity and replaced it with explosions of color fields. This forces the viewer to feel uneasy and exposed while trying to find something recognizable. Abstract art elicits vulnerability making it accessible to everyone’s unique experiences. My hope is the viewer can relate to my journey through the composition’s make- up and be consumed by the shared experiences of what it means to be human and setting personal boundaries.

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