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Katie Dean

Katie Dean

she / her
Tacoma, United States


Katie is a Tacoma based artist and printmaker who is known for her vibrant color palette and botanical themes. Her multi-layer linoleum block prints are hand printed with oil based inks and cotton paper using an antique letterpress. A sketch of her idea begins the process and she carves each design into a linoleum block. Each color is a separate block carving and most pieces are around 8 colors. Many of her original prints are utilized for greeting cards and fabric creations. She enjoys taking pieces of one idea to create something new that her customers can use every day.

Artist Statement

The multi-layered linoleum block prints I create are influenced by my passion for exploring and getting lost in open spaces. This exercise is a wonderful way to cultivate reflection and a seeking spirit to refresh my studio practice. Many ideas and drawings are collected during walks in the garden and trips to nearby mountains. After getting back into figure drawing, I’ve begun using block printing techniques as a way to illustrate the complex human form to compliment my current style. I love to create! I have a passion for expressing life...any way to share the common journey we all travel together, be it bumpy or smooth. Living is beautiful and challenging. I want to squeeze out every moment and utilize it for expression. I get a thrill in seeing others do the same, and believe expressing and sharing ideas enhances joy.

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