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Kate Robbins

Kate Robbins

She / her
Philadelphia, United States

Artist Statement

My abstract oil paintings are an exploration of movement, energy, and the interplay of color and texture. Each painting is a journey of discovery, as I allow the paint to guide me and build layers of texture and depth.

My creative process involves a balance of intuition and intention. I begin each piece with a general concept or idea, but the painting takes shape as I work and each layer informs the next. Through this process, I strive to create work that is both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

My paintings are intentionally open to interpretation and I encourage the viewer to engage with the work to find their own meaning within it. I believe one of the most remarkable aspects of art is that it can derive it’s meaning directly from its audience instead of its creator.

Ultimately, I seek to create work that is both unique and engaging while challenging conventional notions of artistic beauty and predetermined meaning.

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