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Kasia Sifantus

Kasia Sifantus

She / Her
Sidcup, United Kingdom


Kasia Sifantus (born in Gdansk, Poland, 1986) is a self-taught fine artist living and working in London, UK. Kasia uses her experience and love of art to create unique and powerful abstract and semi-abstract pieces, which are all an evocative response to the landscape, an expression of the transient qualities of nature, and the ethereal expanse of sea, land, and sky.

Growing up in the scenic countryside in Poland, she credits her admiration of the natural world to her early childhood. Living close to nature provided an early understanding and appreciation of the qualities of the landscape and light that have played the leading role in Kasia’s art. Moving to the UK and graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art provided her with a deeper understanding of art, however, she decided to pursue interior design and focus her professional working life on it, only to come back fully to painting years after, when settled in London with her young family.

Her creative process is intuitive, she continuously strives to uniquely conceptualise her creations, producing artworks that have a consistent flow of energy and rhythm. Within the surface of each painting, Kasia applies her own unique medium by blending raw earth pigments with acrylic and metallic powders. The powerful effect of these combined materials is further intensified through her refined use of gold, which she exploits for its enduring quality and ability to catch the light, making her work both veiled and glowing.

Her work has been featured in several UK and international exhibitions including the Affordable Art Fair and can be found in private collections all over the world.

Artist Statement

Every painting is an experience, a celebration of colour and emotions that life unfolds. My paintings are abstract memories of experiences of the natural world, often starting with a landscape and gradually evolving to a more abstract form through building layers and textures, playing with paint, and bringing an element of experimentation into every painting.

Working primarily with natural pigments and gold creates both muted and saturated palettes, where light plays such a significant role, changing the appearance of a painting, almost like bringing it to life. Elements of interrupted edges overlap and merge into each other while textures and shapes rise and fall, creating captivating depth. Eliminating the use of ready-made paints in my practice and working with earth pigments brings the natural element into the painting and helps to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, as capturing the beauty of this world does not go together with polluting it.

For me, art is a form of meditation, a journey that unfolds different parts of my inner self. I hope my work will inspire, and the viewer will connect with the painting, creating an emotional bond with it, and bringing their own vision, memory, or emotion to it. That's what is beautiful about abstraction, the interaction with the viewer once the painting is complete.

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