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Kai Lab

Kai Lab

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Kai Lab are a London-based arts and design practice that create electronic, mechanical and sonic artworks.

Founded in 2017, the collective came together as a result of a shared interest in applying science and technology in an artistic context. A foundational component of the collective is research, development and experimentation. Alongside ongoing R&D work, Kai have created solo pieces for Theatre Deli, University College London, and KALLIDA festival. They have self-produced several events, including an outdoor listening session powered by their bespoke wireless multichannel sound system ‘Field of Sounds’. Kai have also presented their work at the University of Cambridge’s Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology research symposium and have been published in MusicTech and Creative Applications.

The studio regularly collaborates with established artistic partners to support the development of external projects. Among others, they have worked with Marshmallow Laser Feast, Artists & Engineers, Nick Ryan and KIN design. Their collaborative projects have been exhibited in the UK and abroad, at institutions including Somerset House, the Saatchi Gallery, MONA and La Galeries Lafayette.

Kai Lab are currently preparing for a solo exhibition that will be held at Espacio Gallery (London) in May 2022.

Artist Statement

Kai Lab is a London-based arts and design practice that creates electronic, mechanical and sonic artworks.

Their projects are driven by the desire to understand the core components of intriguing, complex and beautiful natural phenomena. Each artwork aims to make tangible the intangible, and invites the audience to use all their senses to experience a new perception of the environment.

The observation of nature shows that the beauty of physical events is often the result of the strict rules of physics combined with the randomness of our chaotic environment. Kai's work aims to find the delicate balance between what technology can control and what randomness can disrupt, to build objects and spaces that are relatable yet surprising.

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