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Jonas Prichard

Jonas Prichard

He / Him
Bothell, United States


Hello, thank you for visiting my profile!
I first began making art as a young child. I was fortunate enough to have private lessons with a local art teacher. She taught me most of what I know about painting and composition, and I am forever grateful to her!

I continued my studies in college, earning a BA in Studio Art and Art History. I learned concepts such as color theory, still lifes, proper proportions, and painting the human body.

The most valuable lesson that studio classes taught me was that every piece of art is an opportunity to share your voice in a way that words cannot. I find this to be especially true in my work that depicts my transition. I am transgender, and my works serve as an example of my experience as a person who is transgender. I cannot speak for all of my trans siblings, but my paintings depict dysphoria as it relates to my life. Society today tries to silence marginalized communities, but I take my power back through my artwork that depicts my transition.

I use saturated, whimsical colors to bring joy to the viewer. There are so many atrocities in the world today. I try to create pieces that elicit wonder, joy, and something beautiful in the midst of this pandemic.

Artist Statement

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at my series, "Vibrant Decay."

My inspiration for this series began as a still life exercise. I liked the juxtaposition of death (skulls) and life (flowers). I wanted to use bright, whimsical colors to bring beauty to a concept that is usually dark and dreary. Death is a normal part of the circle of life. I've been fascinated with animal skulls due to their unique shapes, curves, and delicate features. The biodiversity of the plant kingdom was also a driving factor. Vibrant Decay is an example of the beauty and neutrality of nature. Natural cycles of life and death catch up to us all in the end.

My series "Dysphoria," is about my top-surgery journey. Top-surgery refers to a double-masectomy plus chest reconstruction. It is considered a life-saving surgery for transmen and non-binary people. The word "Dysphoria" in this context refers to the feeling of discomfort and/or distress that occurs in people whose gender differes from their sex assigned at birth and/or sex related physical characteristics. I illustrated my pre-surgery dysphoria, and also the healing process after surgery. Ultimately, I am depicting a very big life milestone, to increase visibility of the transmasculine and non-binary community.

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