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John Macnab

John Macnab

Portland, United States


Originally from Bristol, England, John moved to the US in the eighties as a musician.
He moved to Portland Oregon in the nineties and the stunning scenery of the Pacific Northwest inspired him to return to his boyhood love of painting .
Since then John has shown and sold work in galleries in the Portland area and online and his paintings are in private collections worldwide.

Artist Statement

I have a passion for the Great Outdoors and I am fortunate to have an endless supply of inspiration here in the Pacific Northwest.
I strive to bring drama, color and immediacy to my work using bold strokes with palette knives and brushes to create works that bring a modern twist to Impressionism.
As a young lad I spent many hours in the wilder areas around Bristol, England. I took artistic inspiration from developing a relationship with the natural world and I was always drawing birds, butterflies etc. Things really connected when I discovered the Impressionist movement with their lively colors and textures and I was inspired to find my own expression within that discipline.
My work represents the desire to connect with nature and landscape, perhaps as an antidote to modern life and the demands it makes upon us.
I am inspired by the desire to create works which depict light and space in the landscape.
When I am painting I feel that I am doing the right thing, that I am fully expressing my humanity.
I spend time taking pictures, notes and sketches of the subjects that thrill me. Then I work in the studio, mixing and applying paint, removing and rethinking until it all comes together.
I hope to remind viewers that it's a beautiful world out there, and that it's worth spending time taking it all in. I hope people can see nature as a resource for psychological and emotional well being.

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