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Jo Gamel

Jo Gamel

She / her
Philadelphia, United States


Jo Gamel is a multidisciplinary artist living in Philadelphia. Her process is heavily influenced by the practice of Art-as-Therapy, which she studied at the Master’s level at Antioch University Seattle. She has lived as an ESL instructor in Sweden and Turkey, and traveled to over 28 countries, including award-funded trips to Finland and Russia, all of which has informed her anthropological interests in goddesses, religious architecture, feminism and theology. Her family’s mixed spiritualties include Judaism, Polish Catholicism, English and Irish Episcopalianism, Celtic Wiccan, and Japanese Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Her work has been shown in galleries in Philadelphia, New York City, Seattle and New Jersey.

Jo Gamel is the founder of Tutor of the Arts LLC, as well as an art education instructor, a private tutor, a curator, and an art gallery assistant. Now, she is writing a textbook on the chemistry and physics of oil paint with co-author Dr. Michael Mackay in order to expand the understanding of the creation of archival paintings. She also is debuting a Hard Rock album with her band, Jüpiter, along side her latest body of work, both of which explore the Power of Venus as employed by female Rock musicians.

Artist Statement

My work has long explored the magical attributions given to objects with a history of mysticism, and the global pantheon of goddesses throughout all time. Now I am exploring the relationship between the ROCK GODDESSES - not just Upper Paleolithic Venus statuettes - but the stars of all stratospheres of rock and metal music, and their dynamic with the Divine Feminine Power of Venus in all her holy manifestations.

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