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Jo Davies

Jo Davies

she / her
Barking, United Kingdom


Jo Davies is an Australian mixed media artist living in East London. She would describe her paintings as dreamy abstracts that are designed to bring positive energy to the viewer. Davies has a BA/Btch majoring in Visual Arts and is a full-time secondary art teacher in South East London alongside being an all-the- time artist.

Artist Statement

I see dreamy abstract paintings as a place to get truly lost in; to be fully emerged in a sea of radiant colours and flowing patterns and yummy textures. My aesthetic is often nonrepresentational, which allows for the viewer to feel exactly how they want to feel when connecting with the piece. I gain my inspiration from various places; from colour palettes to pebbles, from beautiful forms and shapes, about my feelings, womanhood and spiritual connections. The art works I make are created to bring bursts of energy and to communicate in a way that is the opposite of linear and straightforward. I am a colour obsessive, environmentally conscience, travel-bugged, snack consumer who celebrates all of lives joys.

During the 2021-22 winter, I painted a collection of dreamy abstract landscape paintings entitled “Take Me Away”. Take Me Away was developed as a means of escapism from the depths of winter to transport us to a warmer, more energetic and vibrant place. I want these paintings to provide a sense of comfort for the soul when feeling stuck in one location. I love travel and am often inspired by nature so it was no surprise that these mountainous forms finally made an appearance in my work.

"Sweet Summer Memories" is a 2021 collection that was made for positive energy, to embrace the warmth of summer, to remember to vibrations that we feel in the lighter, happier days. Days of freedom and hope. Sweet Summer Memories was made in the hopes that you would smile longer and ponder deeper. These paintings are layered with blocks and swirls of teal, orange and warm yellow and finished with heavy acrylics to add texture.

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