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Jill Beckerman

Jill Beckerman

she / her
Seattle, United States


Born and raised in Seattle, Jill feels shaped by her time living and backpacking through the North Cascade Mountains.

Beginning in 2016, she began experimenting with layered-paper art enjoying bold color and contrasting texture. In 2020, she began to focus primarily on creating floral and plant pieces. In Spring 2022, she had her first solo show back in the foothills of the North Cascades in the Methow Valley with ten original pieces.

To create each piece, she begins with selecting a color palette. Next, she identifies the corresponding flowers that complement each other and can likely be growing in the same garden bed. After studying the plant’s shape and anatomy, she lovingly draws each flower on textured paper layering additional paper on top to create depth and interest. Using an X-ACTO Knife and her favorite scissors, she carefully cuts out each flower and plants them on the page (with glue).

She currently is creating custom commissioned pieces.

Artist Statement

I’m inspired by the peaceful life cycle we witness in plants and the beauty of each stage as they move from first bloom to final petal.

The detailed work and time-intensive nature of each piece act as a salve to life's murkiness. The beauty, spirit, optimism, and resilience of nature and plants sprinkled in the garden beds around my neighborhood give me hope.

The flowers and plants in each piece are selected to harmonize in color, size, variety, and mood reflecting that out of the frame.

Each plant in each piece is cut by hand with an X-ACTO Knife & scissors then pasted on a strong piece of illustration board. Pieces currently range from 7x10” to 15x20”.

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