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Jesse Kaplan

Jesse Kaplan

She / her
London, United Kingdom


I am a South African woman living and working in London.
I live with my partner and our lovely cat. I currently am lucky enough to have a chaotic and crazy desk for my creativity to grow.
I work with children and look for ways to creatively help them and support them and their families.
I have degrees in Occupational Therapy and Psychology. I really enjoy my work but need a creative way to express myself and use my hands and brain in different ways.
I love hiking and being outside. I enjoy cooking, reading, watching series and feeling safe and comfortable with people. I have been an English teacher, dancer and roller derby player.

Artist Statement

I have always had a creative side and experimented with different things, including drawing, knitting and even making some of my own costumes and pieces for for dress up events.

I started my current creative journey with resin and trying to make some jewellery. I did not feel that I was making progress and there are many jewellery makers. I started thinking about the imperfections that people saw in their art and jewellery and wanted a way to explore how iso called imperfections can also be beautiful. So I started exploring how to make bubbles and how to use bubbles in my art. I have also always been fascinated by reflections and seeing things through a veil of magic, or just slightly differently than how they are intended. Bubbles represent many things for me. Some come from wonderful things, and some from fermentation or something going bad. No matter the source, bubbles always rise to the top, and when they catch the light, they are always beautiful in their own way. I wanted a way to start exploring how we all have bubbles in us, representing different things. I love how they move and float and the shimmery, magical and transitory aspects of bubbles.

I also wanted to experiment with some of the techniques seen in resin and polymer clay jewellery. I am learning to work with asymmetries, different techniques and layouts to further my art.

My work is made for interior spaces filled with light to show off the colours, sparkles and glitter that I love to work with and find adds a playful and interesting dimension to my work. I love how sunlight can transform things. I find naturally occurring phosphorescence and the colourshift of birds feathers fascinating and would love to work with these types of materials.

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