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Jennika Argent

Jennika Argent

London, United Kingdom


A born and bred Londoner, with a passion for travel, adventure and exploration. Sketching , drawing and doodling have been with me my whole life, but I only found a love for colour more recently. After turning 40, I decided to take a couple of short painting classes, first in watercolours and then moving to acrylics and oils. I am mainly self-taught however. A year later, the pandemic struck. It was a period when we were unable to travel, so I took my old photographs from past travels and gave those memories a new lease of life with injections of strong, vibrant colours. Painting with those colours uplifted me and helped keep me stay sane while I was stuck alone in my grey, concrete London home. I have a passion for travel, adventure and discovery and a fascination with plants, trees, mountains and bodies of water. My work is both an expression of my love for travel, my connection with nature and a celebration of colour. I find it intriguing how the same colour can look so different depending on which colour it has been placed next to, or is surrounded by and how colour can make you feel a certain way or change the energy of a room.

Artist Statement

My work centres around the places I have visited around the world. Each time I paint a scene from my travels, I am transported back there and remember the way I felt. The feeling of sun on my skin, or dipping my hot feet into cool water. Taking deep expansive breaths and relaxing my eyes into the distance.

The exercise of painting has increased my levels of observation and translating how I experience and perceive the world around me. Each time I come back and look again at a particular object or scene, I see something I hadn't noticed before and so I find benefit in giving space to an unfinished painting and rarely complete a piece in one sitting. For me, this is also an exercise in patience and persistence. A meditation of sorts.

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