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Jennifer Bechem

Jennifer Bechem

she / her
Austin, United States


For a long time I was a professional misfit, trying every job & career that I came across - literature, mathematics, carpentry,  hospitality, marketing, showbiz… The challenge was rarely the task, rather enjoying the task more than once. 

Then I was introduced to painting. Colors have always pulled me, like a moth to a flame, but painting made it possible to explore luminosity. 

Now I frolic in the light, playfully capturing the beauty all around me in color. Through my work I share the marvelousness of the moment in hopes to brighten and/or enlighten the viewer’s day. 

Artist Statement

I am a synesthete, I experience emotions and feelings as colors. Painting is the quickest and most accurate way for me to problem solve and is my favorite form of communication. 

So I paint the vibe. If it’s a portrait, I paint the person’s emotive truth as I experience it. If It’s a song, I manipulate colors to illicit the same experience as the music. If it’s an event, every catalyst affects the color choice and application. 

I love that my work reminds subjects of their best selves and the mood of the moment. I am fortunate to witness humanity in this way. Beauty is everywhere and within everyone and I aim to share that beauty with as many people as possible. 

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