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Ieva Vaiti

Ieva Vaiti

She / Her
London, United Kingdom


Ieva Vaiti is an artist working with technology to make works in the realm of print, installation and sound. Originally born in Lithuania, Kaunas, she pursued music from a young age and after moving to the UK at the age of 10, she continued with playing violin, composing music and painting. After graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with an Electronic Music degree in 2018, Ieva worked extensively in both the artistic and commercial sectors - from making an immersive two tilted screen installation for the Barbican's Curious Festival, through to live multimedia performances with contemporary dancers; whilst during daytime hours working at London post-production studios, designing sound and music for tv, AR/VR and film.
Vaiti's continued interest in the arts and technology led her to pursue an MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University, where she's developed new techniques in producing works with code, machinic vision and data. Her research investigates the computability of biology, questioning our connection with machines and challenging the distance that separates us. She is currently pursuing her degree whilst working as a freelance artist and sound specialist from her home studio in London.

Artist Statement

I have always noticed the presence of nature and its rhythm in everyday life, and so in my work I like to contemplate our connection to living organisms, as well as each other. My curiosities have led me to produce prints using plant growth mathematical simulations, through to interactive music compositions for the body. I’m interested in more than solely the aesthetics of our environment - but more of what it’s made of. By using technology I want to bring forth the abstractions of matter in ways that resemble analog forms through various mediums.

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