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Ian Shearer

Ian Shearer

Seattle, United States


Ian Shearer is an artist based in Seattle, Washington. He is a graduate of The Academy of Art University of San Francisco.
In 2018, Ian survived a massive stroke. Through intense therapy he was able to regain use of the right side of his body, however, his painting style and abilities were greatly changed. These changes have led him to “start over” as an artist. 

Currently, Ian’s work focuses on urban landscapes. Using the city as a lens to explore themes of isolation, subjective reality, sensory experience, and memory; often finding beauty in the everyday moments of urban life. These moments intrigue him, especially as ordinary moments become extraordinary in the wake of disability. 

Through his work, Ian is currently exploring the changes in his visual language and working on developing a dialogue of post-stroke experience. Adding another voice to a condition that affects hundreds of thousands and documenting the recovery process through mark-making.

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