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Holly Roccaforte

Holly Roccaforte

She / Her
Kenmore, United States


Holly Roccaforte is a Washington based painter, potter, and sculptor with an academic background in ceramics and sculpture. She graduated with her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Northern Arizona in 2018 and has since relocated to the Pacific Northwest to observe and take inspiration from the coastal views, dense forest, and mountainous landscape. She has always been fascinated in tactile art pieces, works that appeal to the sense of physical touch. She translates this love for surface relief through palette knife impasto paintings that has heavy relief to satisfy your senses and capture a playful sense of movement and lightheartedness.

Artist Statement

Art has always been my way of connecting with others. A way of expressing myself and showing others how I see the world. I have always had sensory sensitivities, particularly texture. When it comes to eating, I always care more about how something feels than how it tastes, the same goes for my taste in art. I have always enjoyed tactile art, things that invoke the sense of physical feeling, even if the viewer is not actually allowed to touch it. I find that impasto paintings display a sense of motion and allows the viewer to visualize the artist’s movement throughout its creation. I find inspiration in nature and architecture meanwhile I utilize a heavy sense of texture to connect with those who share the texture sensitivities in a playful manner.

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