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Gayathrisai Chandrasekaran

Gayathrisai Chandrasekaran

She / Her


Gaya Chandrasekaran was born in the southern Indian city of Chennai on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. A vibrant city where centuries-old traditions live in delightful harmony with rapid modernization, she grew up surrounded by myriad sounds and colors, bright and jubilant that uniquely characterizes the city.

Gaya is a self-taught artist and has been influenced by art right from her early childhood. She loves learning new techniques and underwent training in India as well as in the UK (Slade School of Art). She lives in London, UK. A contemporary artist exploring different mediums, her artworks are thematic, currently spanning Reflections, Quest, Rebirth, Soliloquy, Nirvana and Freedom. The choice of themes are based on key life moments and are an expression of her thoughts, emotions, feelings and experiences. Her artworks invite the audience to go deep within, explore and connect with their own life experiences.

Gaya offers NFTs in lieu of a Certificate of Authenticity to all her collectors - its her mission to facilitate digitisation for her audience. Based on feedback from renowned NFT Collectors she is also exploring software tools to mint NFTs of pure digital artworks.

2018: First solo physical exhibition at Santander UK Plc, sold 70% of artworks raising funds for AgeUK
2019: Oil on canvas painting titled ‘The Golden Lion’ won a special commendation in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation #sketchforsimba competition
2021: As an alumnus of London Business School (LBS) she conceptualized the idea of an Art Exhibition within the LBS community culminating in first-ever Art Week in 2021; selected paintings were part of the online exhibition and she was a speaker of the Artists Panel.
2022: Selected paintings exhibited @ ‘Cosmologies’ of The Holy Art Gallery (Jul-22) near Dalston, London. A solo virtual exhibition with The Holy Art Gallery from Sep/Oct-22. Artworks exhibited @ Boomer Gallery’s New Artists Third Edition Exhibition (Aug-22) near Tower Bridge, Lo

Artist Statement

I’m a contemporary artist creating works based on themes which currently span reflections (the eternal contemplation of the human mind), quest (a search for meaning, a mission to understand), rebirth (a precious reset, endings and new beginnings), soliloquy (a deep inner dialogue through memories evoked of shared experiences), nirvana (spiritual lessons that we learn throughout our lives, as well as the more poignant lessons that strive to find us at all cost) and freedom (choices without constraints, empowerment, wild and free). The themes are an expression of my thoughts, emotions, feelings and experiences. My artworks invite the audience to go deep within, explore and connect with their own life experiences.

Art for me is an expression of my peace and inner beauty. With every work I create I feel a sense of self actualization that brings me joy, confidence and higher purpose. In every shade, color and stroke I strive to recreate a memory of a beautiful thought, emotion or even a magical moment. I wish to translate and communicate my personal truth, reality and bliss for my audience, in the process inviting them to appreciate their own axioms of life.

Although I’ve predominantly used acrylics, I believe in continuous learning and love exploring different mediums and techniques.

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