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Ewelina Amrogowicz

Ewelina Amrogowicz

Ilford, United Kingdom


Hi there…I’m Ewelina!

I'm an oil painter who loves to explore different topics and motives, but I always remain true to the photorealistic painting style. My focus on the natural world is stimulated by my passion for the environment and an interest in escapism.

Although I was born in Poland, I have lived in London for almost 10 years, and I feel a very strong bond to the quiet spaces in the English countryside. I've studied Architecture and Urban Design at universities both in Poland and the UK, where I developed my ability to capture the delicacy of composition. Therefore, I am able to approach an environment with a deeper scrutiny, deconstructing the essential characteristics of the landscape from which I draw inspiration.

Artist Statement

I believe that one can find solace in art, which provides an often nostalgic escape from overwhelming current events. For me, painting is so much more than just copying an image; it's about conveying a feeling by capturing one single moment. Each moment presents the opportunity to detach from reality and indulge in daydreaming.

All of my paintings, to some degree, investigate the meanings of art as a healthy escapism consciously shifting focus from uncontrollable stressors to peaceful distractions or to aid in coping with them.

Painting has become a form of meditation for me, in which I can let go of expectations, whether my art would provide an escape or a comfort. My paintings often depict a cool and fresh palette, including lots of my favourite blues and yellows to capture the lush and vibrant scenery that moves me. Through my creations, I aim to connect with and provoke different emotions for each individual so that every piece resonates with the viewer in a unique way.

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