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Enya EP

Enya EP

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Enya EP is a Spanish-British emerging artist intent on depicting the intricacies hidden in the everyday. Currently based in London but raised in Spain, Enya has a BSc degree in Psychology which directly translates into her work as she tries to depict the weird and beautiful lives of people through her art.

Artist Statement

Enya's art currently focuses on the relationships between people and their daily struggles with mental health, intimate relationships, and the self playing key roles. Her work ranges from oil paintings to digital illustration with constant emphasis on experimentation and growth.Taking influence from the impressionist movement amongst modern artists she creates striking figure paintings with heavy brushstrokes and minimal detail. She aims to continue exploring themes of dissociation, mental health, and the human condition, while venturing deeper into the human psyche, centering on contemporary political and social issues.

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