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Emmanuelle Orr

Emmanuelle Orr

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Emmanuelle Orr is a French Printmaker and Artist based in London and Paris. She moved to London 25 years ago with a Visual Arts degree, but it wasn't until years later that the desire to create became vital. Her practice has since rooted itself in printmaking, working across techniques ranging from screenprinting to risographs and cyanotypes. Her work has been exhibited in the UK (London, Bath, Glastonbury, Doncaster) and in France (Paris).

Artist Statement

Her practice sets out to represent the liminal moments and in-between spaces of our world: Fleeting connections, solitary performances, abandoned places, nocturnal lives… She tries to capture the vulnerability of life and invite the viewer in to explore them. Her images slide and disappear, somewhere between the real and the unreal, the mundane and the uncanny, the figurative and the abstraction.

The colours are vibrant and saturated, accentuating certain aspects of the image or twisting reality into a dream world. Halftones and gradients suggest dissolution and force the eye to constantly switch between the harmony of the bigger picture and the tangle of colours within. She gets inspiration from everything she sees, reads, and watches, from the music she listens to, the people she meets, and the places she visits. Her life in between two countries informs how she views the world, constantly switching between two sets of references, memories, and even the language she uses to express herself. Her prints are based either on her photographs or on her original charcoal drawings which are then digitally manipulated and printed in London. She loves the physicality of creating a print, and its endless possibilities - how different mediums can be used to create the original artwork for printing, combining photography, drawings, and digital work; and how the printing process itself can take the work in an unexpected direction, and present something simultaneously unique and repeated.

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