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Elena Naskova

Elena Naskova

she / her
Seattle, United States


Elena immigrated to the USA from Macedonia when she was 25. She currently lives in Seattle. She’s a mother to two college students, and she likes to write plays when she isn’t painting.
Elena Naskova uses watercolor, acrylic, and oil to emulate the inside and the outside world, so she can understand, admire and connect. She likes to explore different styles, ideas and techniques. Her inspiration can be anything and everything real. or imagined. Her artwork has been exhibited in Macedonia, USA, Qatar, UAE, Canada, England and Germany.

Artist Statement

My art is about reaching into the healing powers of imagination, expression and sharing.
It gives a new life to my thoughts and emotions, and helps me understand, admire, give gratitude, or move on and forget.
The mission of my art is to be present and see, to be curious, to connect and to share. It’s a journey that leads me into a realm of magic where the mundane becomes magical.

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