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Eleanor Doughty

Eleanor Doughty

she / they
Seattle, United States


Eleanor Doughty is an illustrator, painter, and urban sketcher originally from the Washington, DC area and is now based in Seattle, WA. Her work captures realistic subjects and imbues them with significance and character. Eleanor has traveled internationally to teach art and to explore new locations through her practice of sketching. She teaches through Urban Sketchers organization and Gage Academy in Seattle, and has illustrated for clients including QFC, Hilton, Marriott, Penguin/Random House, the Seattle Times, and VICE Media. Eleanor also enjoys cartoons, riding her 180cc scooter, and drinking a good americano on a rainy day.

Artist Statement

My art practice centers around drawing on location -- being present and mindful of where I am and capturing what's around me on paper, using watercolor, calligraphy pens, and other mixed media such as markers. I aim to capture a true feeling of being in that place, which can only be achieved by spending time there and observing it with all the senses. There is as much beauty and interest in the mundane surroundings of everyday life as there is in spectacular places. My goals with these paintings are to inspire viewers to appreciate what's around them, as well as to connect with people over shared experiences of place.

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