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Diana Savostaite

Diana Savostaite

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Diana Savostaite (b.1983) is a Lithuanian born painter now living and working in London. Diana is a graduate of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where she achieved a BA in Fine Arts/Painting. She uses oil paint and mixed media to create expressive, semi-abstract paintings.

Her work has been featured in several solo shows, including Thames-Side Studios, Viewing Room (Sept 2022), Cole’s Gallery in Leeds (2020), Thames-Side Studios (2019 and 2017), Art Fix Gallery (2017), ASC Unit-3 (2013), and London Regatta Centre (2013). Diana has been selected for several group exhibitions in the UK, including Unit 1 Gallery|Workshop, Royal Academy of Arts, Saatchi Gallery, Mall Galleries, Peterborough Museum Gallery, The Bishop’s Palace in Wells, The Old Truman’s Brewery, Hundred Years Gallery and more. She was awarded with the Winsor and Newton Young Artist Award (2017), won an artist’s open call with Colle’s Gallery in Leeds (2020), and invited to a one month’s residency at Unit-1 Gallery| Workshop in London (2021)

Diana’s artwork has been published in The Working Artist Magazine (March 2021), Aesthetica Magazine (December/January 2019), Mall Galleries catalogue (ROI 2017), The Royal Institute of Oil Painters website (ROI 2017 Prize Winners), and the online blog On Art and Aesthetics (2017).

Artist Statement

I believe that painting has a much bigger role than just being a visual experience; it communicates in
an emotional, metaphysical, and sensual language in a distinctively subtle way.

My paintings act like a visual diary of daily experiences, gathering diverse fragments of the world
around me and finding emotion in the ordinary. I am continuously inspired by observing
surroundings, absorbing everything that I see, hear, or feel, capturing the sensual moments of now,
exploring how surroundings resonate with me personally.

I can be triggered by the smallest details in a landscape, city environment, or memories of my
previous experiences in Lithuania. I am particularly drawn to aged, abandoned walls with cracked
paint, textured surfaces, moss and lichen overgrown pavements, sunlit reflections or shadows.

My Lithuanian background has undoubtedly influenced my subconscious choice of the colours green
and blue. Much of my childhood was spent exploring the natural world and my creative expression is
strongly linked to the early experiences of Lithuanian countryside: walking on bare feet, sensing hot
sand or cold dew from the grass, swimming in the wild lakes, hearing natural sounds such as bird
songs, breeze over the trees, observing the night sky with millions of stars, or adoring glowing snow
in the sunshine.

Once I start my painting – it constantly evolves and changes. I like my painting process being flexible,
therefore I don’t hold to the initial idea if I see that an artwork has the ability to grow into something
completely different then I planned.

My desire for paintings to communicate in an intuitive way led to search for different mediums,
textures, brush marks. Thin pigment washes are combined with thick layers of oil paint; linear figure
drawings intertwine with constructive shapes or elements of landscape and city. Paintings are multi-
layered, colours intermix and bleed into each other, creating the sense of complexity, movement,
and spontaneity.

Figures are often distorted, their parts scattered over the canvases, they dissolve and arise in
different parts of the painting, and merge organically into abstract shapes.

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