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Derrick Whaley

Derrick Whaley

Baltimore, United States


Born and raised in Baltimore, My passion for Photography started when I was in high school but I took it more seriously in college when I enroll in a digital photography class and it open my eyes to photography even more and haven't looked back since. I purchase my first camera during that time period and later started using my iPod as another camera source to take pictures just because it's easy, convenient, and with the increase of technology with camera usage. There's no limitations on being creative.

Artist Statement

They say art imitates life, I have a great eye in capturing my surroundings, my photos imitate my surroundings. What I capture in the moment, I bring it to life. The photos I capture are symbolical and metaphorical because they represent the essence of life,
Most of what I capture is objects and things because they are just as important as people are when it comes to photographing subjects. There's no limitations on what I don't capture. It's not about where you create your art, it's about the art you create. Create What Can Be Manifest".

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