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Danielle Troy

Danielle Troy

she / her
Seattle, United States


I am a mother, an artist, and an art educator from the Boston area. I moved to Seattle just about 20 years ago and consider both to be "home". I have been a visual arts teacher at the middle and high school level since 1998 and have worked at The Overlake School for the past 18 years. Back in 8th grade I took my first photography class and was immediately in love! I majored in photography and film in college and have worked on my photography almost daily ever since.

Artist Statement

I’ve been a photographer as long as I can remember. It has manifested itself in different ways at different times, but it has always been an integral part of my life. As a teacher and single mother I am often surrounded by noise and what can feel like chaos. I find myself seeking calm, balance, and order by creating compositional “perfection” in my daily photography practice.

During quarantine I began to focus more on drawing; creating meditative small and large scale personal projects stemming from subconscious drawings I have been creating on paper scraps and notebooks since I was in middle school. Some express feelings of being overwhelmed and falling apart, while others are more peaceful.

In 2022 I found myself altering my photographs to create new worlds in my “Another Place” series. The helpless, stuck feeling that began during quarantine wasn’t going away and creating these has been cathartic. These pieces combine images I have taken of places I am in the moment with where I have been, blending worlds into that are more surreal and sometimes beautiful, and other times tense and tumultuous. All of my work stems from a need to feel calm and in control in a world that doesn’t often allow for that.

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