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Danielle Dutson

Danielle Dutson

She / her
Portland, United States


I am inspired by nature and grew up in the mountains of Idaho. I graduated with honors from Idaho State University.  I live in beautiful Oregon and visit Idaho as often as I can. Any opportunity to get out and explore, I do! I will take mental snapshots and think about how I am feeling while I am out. When I get home, I create paintings from those two things. I recreate the feeling by using vibrant colors. My goal is to create a painting that captures a feeling, not necessarily an exact replica of something. Rather, the moment that takes your breath away. The memory of something special. A dream that you can’t quite remember. A sunset you’ll never forget. 

Artist Statement

I create paintings that flow through me. I like to think of myself as a flute, or a vessel. I often don't have any image in mind when I create and instead allow the material to work and evolve on its own. I use a variety of mixed media, watercolor, acrylics, oil, ink, pens and pencils. I am inspired by nature and try to capture the awe that I see. 

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