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Dan Salinas

Dan Salinas

He / Him
Kennewick, United States


Daniel was born in the Yakima Valley in Central Washington, and lived in various area of the Northwest while growing up including Nampa, Idaho, Walla Walla, WA, and also Renton, WA. Daniel began drawing at a very early age, and his parents and extended family made sure to encourage and support his discipline by keeping him well equipped with sketchbooks, art supplies, and frequent encouragement. After graduating from Eisenhower High School in Yakima, Daniel continued his education in the arts at the Art Institute of Seattle, Columbia Basin College, University of Idaho, and Washington State University.

Among his artistic influences, Dan looks to masters of their craft such as Jack Kirby, John Singer Sargent, and Alex Ross. In his free time, Dan enjoys visiting with his closest family and friends, playing the role of servant to his dogs, reading comic books, and partially finishing household projects. He has an ongoing feud with Squirrels and Crows, as their respective species seem to view him as an easy mark.

Artist Statement

As an artist I seek to achieve something completely selfish. As I draw my last breath, I want to look back on all of it, the drawings of Darth Vader and Yoda I did as a child, the skilless first attempts at tempera painting, the obsession over Ninja Turtles, the beautiful studies of flowers, still life sketches, the blood from split knuckles soaked into plaster sculptures, the portraits for passing relatives, the smutty digital centerfolds, the large scale prints, the various stains on my desks and carpets, and I want the final exhale to be a smile when I realize that everyone I knew and loved saw these works and leave them as a reminder that everything I am is in those manic scribblings.

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