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Dan Evans Jr

Dan Evans Jr

Seattle, United States


I'm a lifelong, 5th generation Washingtonian from Seattle. My partial namesake Daniel Batchelder Jackson arrived in Washington in 1859, 30 years before statehood. While I'm deeply rooted in the PNW, I love to travel and fortunately, both offer great opportunities for a photographer like me.

My first foray into photography started many years ago in high school. Using an Olympus OM-1 I still own and the school darkroom, I really enjoyed the process. My technical skills were lacking, but I thought I had a decent eye. Those two things are still true today.

After a long gap away from photography, I was re-energized with the acquisition of my first DSLR - a Nikon D70 - in 2005. Since then I've enjoyed the process of improving, learning new tactics and skills while still trying to capture what is pleasing to the eye. I tend not to focus on one or two styles of photography as I feel that limits my enjoyment. My photos have been selected to hang in art galleries and have won international photo competitions, so while I know there's a lot to learn still, those accolades are reassuring. It is a meandering journey and will continue to be until I hang up the camera.

Professionally I spent most of my career in corporate communications, working for companies based as close as Seattle and as far away as Hong Kong. Currently, I take professional photos for local real estate developers, architects, and commercial construction companies of their new projects.

Artist Statement

Thanks for checking out my photography.

A professional photographer once told me, "Let it go. Shoot for pure joy. Go and make mistakes."

I am as excited and curious to shoot the mountains in my home state of Washington, a close-up of an orchid in a studio, or a spontaneous street scene. I love colors that help tell a story, and if we all went back to only shooting in black and white, I'd be thrilled.

Sometimes it's hard to "let it go". I try. Loads of joy, many mistakes. Both happen. Both welcomed.

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