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Core Sway

Core Sway

he / him
Isleworth, United Kingdom


Having studied art at school until 1998, I took a prolonged break, not producing any pieces until I moved to London from Essex. I didn’t want to just sit in front of the television every night, so decided to get back into art, producing around three original pieces a year since 2005, mostly but not always, large canvases of mixed media.

I have no formal training but over the past few years, have looked at ways to get my art out there into the wider public space. In April 2021, I had my first solo exhibition in Walthamstow, London entitled 'There's No time Like the Present But sometimes i Prefer the Past'.

My work is inspired by a number of different factors – found pieces from magazines and cuttings, graffiti, pop art, pop culture, bold colours, plays on words and advertising.

I am an amateur artist that’s not formally trained and no real connections to the art world aside from being a firm believer in creativity.

Artist Statement

I like to produce pieces that could be described as a talking point and provoke a reaction that’s experimental and influenced by pop art, street art and abstract expressionism. I tend to be influenced by seeing something around me that triggers a response and the initial thoughts on a new piece - this can be adverts, magazine clippings, TV and film.

I do not do any kind of prep work at all but go on instinct and images I have in my head. I then get straight to work on the canvas but it's a long process. I have to be in the zone and work only when it feels right which means pieces form over a prolonged period of time.

There is usually a point I am trying to make or get across, and I do like to play on words also. But sometimes there is no agenda at all - what's on my mind comes straight onto the canvas without much thought as to what the finished product might be. I just have a rough idea and then see what happens.

In terms of inspiration, essentially culture in all forms plays an important part. I love music, art, fashion, photography, film, TV, news and advertising which all contribute. So it's generally something in one of these areas that sparks an idea in me. I am also a DJ and drummer so that always plays a role too!

Stylistically I'd describe my work as abstract expressionism with a punk aesthetic.

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