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Colleen Monette

Colleen Monette

she / her
Seattle, United States


Colleen is a Seattle-based artist working with found and salvaged vintage and antique materials for assemblage and collage art as well as encaustic painting. She has been published in several art books and publications and has shown her work throughout the NW as well as France and Scotland. In 2018 Colleen was accepted into a 2 week artist residency at Chateau d'Orquevaux in France.
She balances her work between her home studio and her studio at Fogue Studios and Gallery in the Georgetown neighborhood, where she also teaches encaustic painting.

Artist Statement

I am a salvage artist.There’s a deep connection I feel to the past, the beauty and the decay. My style, my aesthetic, is much like a historian or archaeologist, to preserve what I unearth. I love the ancient. I swoon over beautiful penmanship, an old love letter, a workman’s tool. There’s a Japanese word, Mottainai, meaning ‘too good to waste,’ so salvaging is important to me. My work explores my love for this antique ephemera, working to merge together elements that are centuries apart to create a new history. Encaustic allows me to create a marriage of abstract and realism, history and environment: organic pieces that are rooted in my experiences and my surroundings. Working with muted tones creates a peacefulness and calmness while the abstract nature offers multiple interpretations of the work.

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