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Claire Parrish

Claire Parrish

she / her
Tacoma, United States


Claire Parrish Edwards was born in Jackson, Mississippi. In 2019, she received her BA in Theater with a Minor in Psychology. Claire has been featured in various group shows including The Best Of The Northwest Spring Show, The West Seattle Art Walk, and Arts At The Armory and was included in a feature article titled “Top 50 artists in Washington.” In addition to her art practice, Claire also teaches the healing power of theater and art to young students in various pierce county schools.

Artist Statement

Whenever I go out into  alpine meadows, scrambling peaks, babbling streams, or dense forests, I feel content as I am surrounded by beauty that is untouched by man. There is a certain peace and connection with the Creator that cannot be matched. I want to honor the land around us by creating visual pictures of the sensations and feelings nature provokes. Sometimes I interpret this in a more literal sense, but most of the time, I try to provoke feelings within abstraction using color and various techniques to transport the viewer out of the four walls the piece is contained in and into the wonders and serenity of the outdoors. 

I strive to honor nature and partner with the elements through my process while honoring the integrity of the beauty around me. The creative process begins with a watered down layer of acrylic in which I allow gravity to do its job. When I choose my composition I sacrifice detail and structure in order to improve the overall effect of the composition.  It is the effect of nature that is important and not the descriptive detail of the landscape. 

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