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Claire Parrish

Claire Parrish

she / her
Tacoma, United States


Claire began her creative journey in the performing arts. At a young age, she knew she would never play sports or join the chess team, Claire was a fierce creative who dove into every avenue of creativity possible. First finding her voice through singing and dance, she ventured into acting and guitar to fulfill the creative itch. The desire to be on stage only blossomed as Claire embarked on her collegiate journey as an acting major. During her time at university, Claire was drawn to the movement heavy classes where the focus was on creating emotion and story through the movement of our bodies and breath. This curiosity in the unspoken took ahold of her and she began to explore the visual arts for the first time. Claire Received her BFA in acting in 2019 and took the leap to explore what it would look like to be a visual artist. The knowledge of performing arts informed her practice now and allowed her to understand the creative process from a professional prospective and to bring her passion for movement into a different medium. Since graduating, Claire has shown at numerous art fairs throughout the south and western Washington, opened an online platform, and has had exhibitions in Georgetown and Seattle with the West Seattle Art Walk.

Artist Statement

My work partners with the elements to create free flowing pieces inspired by and created with the elements around me. Recent inspirations include mountains, stones and their hidden beauty within the masses, and solitude/ stillness in water. 

Having a deep love for the unforgiving, powerful, and breathtaking properties of nature, I want to honor her through my work by showing mother natures beauty and spender from an abstract point of view. 

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