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Christie Cave

Christie Cave

she / her
Seattle, United States

Artist Statement

Christie prefers that we, her watercolor paints, provide her Artist’s statement.  We are, after all, the true stars of the show.
As an abstract painter, Christie is able to give us full range to do our thing.  Through color and texture, we can create a multitude of images and moods.  We also have the freedom to be a bit trickster,  providing those unexpected “mistakes” that she so loves.  She once said that mistakes in watercolor painting are like mistakes in life : you can’t make them go away.  The important thing is how you deal with them.

Through Christie’s abstraction we hope to create an image that provides access to the  unseen, unconscious, rich parts of the viewer.  To gently touch those places where deep peace can abide.  
May it be so.

Christie’s art can be seen:
Densmore Professional Building
Private Collections

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