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Catalina Mercado

Catalina Mercado

she / her
Seattle, United States


I was born in Mexico and grew up in Alvin, Texas.  I attended the University of Houston in 2001-2005.  In June of 2021 my family and I relocated to Seattle, WA.  The time spent with my family on walks, trips, and adventures definitely influences my work.  I also draw inspiration from looking within, emotions and feelings of nostalgia.  Outside of making art I enjoy reading self-improvement and non-fiction books, playing tennis, and camping.


2022 The Great Annual NW Art Exhibition, Camano Island, WA, The Puget Sound Group     Northwest Artists, Matzke Fine Art Gallery
2022 Crows and Ravens, Lk Forest Pk, WA, Red Sky Gallery, 
2022 42nd Annual Juried Art Show, Arts of the Terrace, Mountlake Terrace, WA
2022 20th Annual Open Juried Show, Peninsula Art League, Gig Harbor, WA
2022 60th Artists’ Alpine Holiday Fine Arts Exhibit, Ouray, Colorado, Ouray County Arts Association
2022 Maple Valley Arts Fest Juried Art Show, Maple Valley, WA, I received the MVCAC Membership Award and Prize.
2022 Hello Summer! Edmonds, WA, The Puget Sound Group Northwest Artists

Artist Statement

After 20 years of painting, I continue to be inspired by nature and work in the representational style.   I now may also join a realistic subject with mixed media.  My abstract work is about letting the result surprise you after putting automatic and impulsive actions in a sequence.  You don’t always know what will happen or how it will look.  It is about satisfying your impulses and making the mark that comes from within.  An intuitive process of layering collage with mixed media, letting the marking actions transform your painting into something you would not have thought of.  

Whether its an intuitive abstract piece or realistic rendering my works are capsules of color.  I mostly choose muted, vintage colors unless as I’m working the present layout calls for a vibrant hue as a contradictory or complimentary element.  As the colors are placed next to each other they start to interact.  That’s where the fun begins!

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