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Carol Ross

Carol Ross

Sammamish, United States


My work has been shown in City Halls, Museums, Hospitals, Government Agency's, Art Fairs, and Galleries. My current representation is with Women Painters of Washington Gallery (one of the oldest and most prestigious art organizations in Washington), Fogue Gallery West Seattle, Fogue Studios Georgetown. I will have work at Red Sky Gallery, Seattle and Sammamish City Hall this fall. I work in themed Series. I am currently showing a "Storyline" series at Fogue Gallery and a "Waiting for Friends" series at Fogue Studios. Both series are narrative in nature with the style abstracted realism, painted in oil or acrylic depending on the series. My website will show both available and sold work.

Artist Statement

I am seduced by color and surface and will often spend hours developing layers before I work
on conveying the scene I wish to share with the viewer. My goal is to express emotion in its
most accessible forms, in color and shape. If my clouds give the viewer a sense of impending
storm, or my ocean beach scenes make you want to collect rocks and put on a coat, I have
been successful.
I want my journey as a painter to be visible to the viewer, so my work is not representational as
much as it is historical, showing a path partly erased or a tree eradicated. I paint many hours
each week…some canvas’ make it out of the studio alive and those are the ones that are seen.
I am currently represented by Women Painters of Washington in the Columbia Tower, Seattle,
Fogue Studios and Gallery in Georgetown, and Miska Gallery in Cannon Beach and of course
with LoCA.

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