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Bill Bernstein

Bill Bernstein

He / him
Seattle, United States


Born:1952, New York City, NY
Bachelor of Art, Studio Art, State University of New York, Albany, 1975
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington, 1982
Landscape Architect, 1983 - 2021 (retired May, 2021)

Artist Statement

I was a landscape architect for almost forty years and retired recently in May, 2021. While a landscape architect I was involved in designing parks, playgrounds, plazas, and school and corporate campuses mostly in an urban setting. About ten years ago while working I also started painting, acrylics on canvas, in my spare time. Since retiring I have endeavored to make a second career as an artist. In a subconscious manner, my paintings reflect much of the subject matter of my career as a landscape architect which was mostly urban/city in context. They also reflect my upbringing in New York City and my life in the city of Seattle since I moved here in 1978. I also practice photography. Many of my photos are also urban in context, i.e. street photography, industrial sites, etc.

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