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Ava Grauls

Ava Grauls

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Ava Grauls is a South African / Belgian multi-format conceptual artist based in London. She has previously lived in Japan for 2 years before collaborating with local artist, Miki Kikumoto, to open their joint exhibit in Hiroshima City in 2013. In 2019 she joined the Studio Kura residency in Japan after being awarded the Moira McGregor Bursary. As a current winner of the 2021 RSA David Mitchie Award and John Milne Purvis prize in Scotland, she looks forward to working on another collaboration in Onomichi, Japan, when the borders reopen.

Artist Statement

Her practice is concerned with the questions that arise over ideas of legitimacy. She appropriates various mediums to explore culture crisis, speculative questions surrounding national identity, and legitimized culture, with an absurdist’s sense of humour. She makes music videos, installations, paintings, prints, and ceramics to address the social normalizated linguistics, actions, epistemological documentation, and ‘common’ practices. Her most recent work is looking at maps, borders and national boundaries.

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