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Astha Malik

Astha Malik

She / her
Seattle, United States


Astha Malik is a proud woman of color. She creates women portraits that capture essence and facets of their identity, and leans on vibrant colors and vivid imagery to portray her women. Through her work she celebrates beauty, strength and diversity of women.
She has auctioned her artwork for charity for the last 4 years towards education and equality.
She draws from everyday women she meets, reads about and the ones she has had around her growing up. Her art is influenced by Indian and African culture, technology, graffiti, New York Streets and just about anything spontaneous.

Artist Statement

I have practiced my passion for colors and painting from a young age. Growing up I’d paint on just about any surface - doors, switch boards, dough, planters or t-shirts. My creative side took a back seat starting high school as my focus shifted to academics. I returned to painting 15 years later once I moved to Seattle.

Art is like meditation to me. It helps me connect with my inner self and brings me peace. I have been exploring bold, vibrant, colorful, diverse women portraits in modern-day art form. I draw inspiration from everyday women I meet, read about and the ones I've had around me growing up. Through my work I try to represent a variety of narratives - there's hidden beauty within each one of us, what you see on the outside is just a coat of what we show to the world, we all have imperfections that we should embrace and we are way stronger than we think we are! You Be You!

My creative process begins with days of brainstorming before I actually get to the canvas. The brainstorming involves finding inspiration, drafting high level visual elements and the message I want to convey from my work. Then I start to sketch on canvas. Once I have the drawing ready, that's when I move to thinking about a vibrant color theme for the portrait. My process involves continuous improvisation as I paint. Finally I finish my artwork with a backdrop complementing the portrait. Using acrylics on stretched canvas, my compositions slowly come to life and in the end, a new creation establishes itself with its own story to tell.

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