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Aris Vrakas

Aris Vrakas

London, United Kingdom


Originally from Greece, I've lived in 5 different countries over the past 20 years working for tech companies including Amazon. During this time I have used various art-forms as a means of meditation. Photography, Rayograms and ink on canvas and paper. I am self-taught.

I have shared my art in various informal settings around the world. A couple of my photographs have been used for book covers. I have served as volunteer photographer in local organizations, and I have volunteered my photography to non-profits to help them fund-raise.

In 2020 I started LoCA, combining my passion for art and my experience in tech. My goal is to help Artists around the world share more of their work within their communities and globally, culturally enrich their neighborhoods, and create a new local economy for artists to thrive in.

Artist Statement

The purpose of my art practice is to reflect on what I am subconsciously creating and understand something about my experience. Sharing art is also a way of expanding that experience, and creating community.

I use the visual artwork I create, as a mirror to my subconscious. I create images, and then look through them, waiting for something to talk to me, an idea to spark, an emotion to emerge. When it does, I meditate on it. Sometimes I discover overwhelming emotions that have never been explained before. Other times it takes hundreds of images, for a pattern to emerge.

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