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Aris Vrakas

Aris Vrakas

He / Him
London, United Kingdom


I shoot film and develop and print my photographs in a traditional darkroom.

Work in the arts:
Founder and CEO of (2020-Now). In 2020 I started LoCA, combining my passion for art and my experience in tech. My goal is to help Artists around the world share more of their work within their communities and globally, culturally enrich their neighborhoods, and create a new local economy for artists to thrive in.

Maintained a darkroom and exhibiting art studio in Seattle, WA (2015-2019)

Photographer and Videographer for a short documentary film about the blues on Mississippi, USA. (2014-2016). Followed a band of musicians on 2 filming tours up and down the Mississippi, interviewing musicians, historians, and librarians of the blues, playing gigs, and learning about the African American culture that gave birth to the blues and American music. A short documentary from the footage was presented in theatres in Seattle.

Photography, Cameraman, and interview work for Ubuntu Pathways (2010-2012). Worked in South Africa and London with a team of videographers and artists to produce media for Ubuntu Pathways is a cradle-to-career non-profit in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Director of Photography Brighton Fashion Show (2011-2012)

Photography used for a cover of "Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly" in 2012.

Artist Statement

The purpose of my art practice is to reflect on what I am subconsciously creating and understand something about my experience. Sharing art is also a way of expanding that experience, and creating community.

I use the visual artwork I create, as a mirror to my subconscious. I create images, and then look through them, waiting for something to talk to me, an idea to spark, an emotion to emerge. When it does, I meditate on it. Sometimes I discover overwhelming emotions that have never been explained before. Other times it takes hundreds of images, for a pattern to emerge.

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