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Andre Mejia

Andre Mejia

He / Him


My name is Andre M. Mejia, and I am a native of the city of Philadelphia, PA. Raised by a strong and resilient single mother of Puerto Rican descent, and with my father being Dominican, my multicultural heritage has played a significant role in shaping my identity and life experiences.

From a young age, I experienced the challenges of having an absent father. Despite these adversities, my mother courageously raised my older sister and I with the support of our caring grandparents. Growing up in a neighborhood in North Philadelphia, I learned valuable life lessons while being surrounded by a rich tapestry of culture and remarkable individuals. Community and support were always paramount in our lives, and they instilled in us a sense of resilience and unity.

Art has been an integral part of my life since my earliest memories. I can vividly recall my days in kindergarten when the art teacher at my elementary school introduced us to the concept of color blocking in its simplest form. This early exposure to art sparked a creative fire within me that continued to burn brightly throughout my journey. During high school at an art-focused institution, I delved into graphic art, photography, and film production, honing my creative aptitudes.

Upon graduation, I pursued Human Resource management in college, yet my fondness for art endured. Surprisingly, I found a newfound love for painting later, utilizing it as a hobby, a conduit for self-discovery, stress relief, and fulfillment, despite my initial hesitations with the medium.

Each painting became a meditative connection to my emotions and experiences. Art has evolved into my sanctuary—a realm where I convey my distinctive perspective and navigate life's intricate tapestry.

Artist Statement

My artistic journey is defined by a complex love-hate relationship with painting. After completing college, I ventured into the medium, seeking a relaxing hobby to fill my time. However, in my earlier teen and adolescent experience in the medium, I grappled with frustrations stemming from a perceived lack of control and discipline, often leaving me exasperated.

Overtime, as I delved deeper into abstract work, my perspective underwent a transformative shift. This allowed me to pick up the brush again. Painting became a meditative escape, liberating me from the confines of perfectionism and allowing emotions to flow freely through the texture and movements of my brush.

In these moments of artistic meditation, I find liberation from self-imposed restrictions, embracing the beauty of expression without rigid direction. Each stroke on the canvas becomes a pathway to connect with my emotions, and the act of painting becomes an exploration of the self. Through painting, I find solace, growth, and an outlet to share my innermost thoughts and feelings with the world.

Ultimately, my artistic practice is an evolving journey of self-discovery, where I navigate the complexities of my relationship with painting and myself. Embracing the freedom of abstraction, and finding profound emotional release in every stroke. My hope is that my work resonates with others, offering a glimpse into the raw and uninhibited essence of the human spirit.

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