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Amanda Zeilinger

Amanda Zeilinger

she / her
Philadelphia, United States


Amanda is a digital photographer currently living and working in Philadelphia, PA.
In 2019, she graduated from Carleton College in Minnesota, where she studied photography and art history. Her work has most notably been shown at Praxis Photo Center in Minneapolis, MN, and the Cleveland Print Room in Cleveland, OH. Amanda is influenced by the work of Alma Haser, Ellen Crane, and Cubist paintings.

Artist Statement

My thoughts come in bullet points, and my photographs in series. I am inspired by the layering processes of screen printing and collage, as well as the scale and motion of dancers on a stage. I hope to continue creating photo books that explore how the physical presentation of photography can become art in its own right. Three-dimensionality shouldn't just belong to sculpture, and the passage of time shouldn't just belong to performances; in my current work I am integrating these aspects into photography as well.

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