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Aly Modleski

Aly Modleski

she / her
Austin, United States


Aly Modleski is a contemporary artist born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is currently living in Austin, TX with her family. The artist creates fine art pieces of floral landscapes, floral still life art, and abstract paintings created in impasto technique and pouring acrylic technique. The diversity of colors and textures is her visual language of translating the surrounding world to the canvas. Aly is a self-taught artist with extensive in-studio training from Ukrainian award-winning artists. She also received her theoretical training from Sotheby's Institute of Art, NY. Aly together with the rest of the Ukrainian community in Austin, TX is fundraising to support the humanitarian needs of people in Ukraine at these horrific times. 25% of proceeds from her artwork the artist donates to urgent causes in her home country.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I firmly believe in the idea that "I create therefore I am." This statement speaks to the core of my being and the importance of art in my life. My goal as a female Ukrainian artist is to create pieces that bring happiness to others. I believe that as we grow older, we tend to forget about the beauty and perfection that surrounds us. Art helps us to convey our emotions and feelings, which can be particularly challenging for women who are taught to suppress their feelings.

My art is my personal therapy, especially with the war that is currently going on in Ukraine. Through my paintings, I hope to uplift and remind people of the simple pleasures that are available and affordable to us all. My goal is to create pieces that bring joy and happiness, even during the hardest of times.

As a female artist, I believe that it is essential to use my art to empower other women. I hope to inspire other women to express themselves creatively and to use art as a means of therapy and self-expression. Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create pieces that bring beauty and happiness into the lives of others, reminding them of the simple pleasures that make life worth living.

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