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Alex Alabadi

Alex Alabadi

She / Her
London, United Kingdom


I'm a London based Illustrator and Animator, originally from Spain. I studied Industrial Design engineering, Graphic Design and 3D Animation before I turned the last one into my main career. This happened for the last 12 years while I simultaneously developed my personal artistic practice. I have worked for clients like Dreamworks, BBC, Paramount and Disney amongst others. In the last few years I have pushed my art to reflect my inner world.

Artist Statement

I'm an illustrator and animator who finds her happy place in the intersection between the visual arts and personal development. I turn the lessons and revelations I find along my own journey inwards into light-hearted 'Introspective comics'. And when I need to process thoughts and emotions I turn to my watercolours and create what I call 'Mindful Flows'. My aim is that my art will bring people together and start conversations about psychological and emotional wellbeing.

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