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Agnes Pelc

Agnes Pelc

she / her
London, United Kingdom


She completed BA studies in Ukrainian and History of art studies and MA studies in Cultural studies. Art lover. She privately sells paintings, creates private commissions and cooperates with the Artwork500 online gallery. Her paintings were shown during the Summer Exhibition in Doncaster art gallery D31. She also took a part in the internet art auction "Artist on the Rise" twice.

Artist Statement

She divides her art into two sections. The first motifs are taken from nature, inspired by Slavic mythology as well as femininity. She uses many colours, combining elements of figurative painting, realism and surrealism.
The second theme in her art relates to everyday problems. Paintings that touch on human emotional problems, such as disappointment, dilemmas, sadness, but also gossip. Mainly performed in a naive technique, combining cubist and contemporary art themes.

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