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Abigail Yentis

Abigail Yentis

London, United Kingdom


I am an artist from London and spend a lot of my time in my studio in Hackney painting for upcoming projects and client’s commissions. I paint portraits and abstract pieces using a wide range of materials. I predominantly use oil paints for my portrait and figurative work and experiment with lots of different mediums such as enamel, spray paint and acrylic paint.

I am passionate about painting the human figure and am truly engrossed in documenting the unique personality and character that painting someone from life provides. Moreover, when focusing on bringing a landscape to life, I enjoy conveying the beauty of nature, the tree, skies and details within the scene by enhancing colours, be that of a “dancing sky” or a “whirling river”. I am fascinated by the imperfections of a live organ constantly growing and ever changing. I enjoy letting the paint create its own layers and skins, mimicking the process of our bodies. The idea of the artwork taking a life of its own captivates me. Furthermore, I am infatuated by the unknown world that exists outside the comfort of everyday life and spend a lot of my time using my fascination of space, in my abstract work.

After completing an art foundation followed by a 3-year course at the Hampstead School of Art, I have since been involved in numerous exhibitions where I have collaborated with other artists and successfully produced my 6th solo exhibition in 2020. Additionally, I exhibited some of my work in the Church Palace Hotel in Rome where I made further connections. As well as this, I write songs, play guitar and facilitate gigs where I both perform and host. This has given me an extra platform in which I have been able to combine both my music and art talents to further my career.

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