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Easy and No Upfront Fees
  • It’s free to create an account
  • Artists receive 70% of every original artwork sold through LoCA
  • Secure online payments
  • Non-exclusive policy
Our Exhibition Spaces
  • Our shows take place in inviting, informal spaces that serve as cultural hubs in your community, like coffee shops, salons and hotels.
  • Artists oversee installation and shipping.
  • LoCA handles all payments and processing.
Our Print Program
  • We can create exceptional fine-art prints from originals (including photography) and ship on demand to buyers globally.
  • Our specialists make it easy, advising on images, file resolution and pricing.
Promotion of Your Work
  • Your art will be included in our online gallery and on your unique Artist Page where buyers can learn more about you and browse your collection.
  • We feature select artists on our homepage, in our regular newsletters and e-mails, and through our social media.
  • You can also point interested buyers to your LoCA page to facilitate online sales and use your QR codes to sell your art for any upcoming exhibitions.

Common Questions

How do you match me with an art space?
Our curation team will identify spaces that will best showcase your work. Once we’ve secured the right match, we’ll reach out to you to confirm your availability and any remaining show details.
What can I sell?
LoCA welcomes all artists across a variety of styles and mediums, including painting, photography, mixed media, and sculpture. How much of your collection and which pieces to show is all up to you. We operate on a non-exclusive basis.
How does shipping work?
The buyer pays for shipping when they purchase. If your piece is bought through our online gallery, we will notify you so you can immediately ship to the buyer. If your work is currently in a show, the buyer will be provided the option to pick up at the show venue or ship the work. If they request pick up, we will coordinate a time. If they opt for shipping, you will ship after the show ends. We recommend you purchase insurance through the shipping agent in the event the work is damaged during shipment. If the buyer has purchased a LoCA produced print, we will handle printing and shipping as soon as an order is placed.
How do I get paid?
When your first show is confirmed, we’ll verify your account details, including your desired payment platform. LoCA will then issue a direct payment to you upon confirmation that the piece has been shipped to the buyer.
How does LoCA’s commission work?
Artists receive 70% on all original artwork and limited edition prints sold through LoCA, compared to 50% for most commercial galleries. Artists receive 65% of the profit from the sales of open edition prints. The profit is calculated by subtracting the cost of printing and shipping of the prints from the sale price.
How is LoCA different from other online art sellers?
Our goal is to support local artists by improving discovery of their work. We also believe that art is best appreciated when it’s seen in-person, which is why we focus on making it easier for artists to find spaces in their community to show and sell their work.