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Yula Kim

Yula Kim

she / her
London, United Kingdom


Yula Robin Kim is a London-based artist who grew up in Asia, Polynesia, Africa, and Europe. These diverse environments have given her ample cultural and environmental experiences to draw upon in her work. Esepcially Her life in Polynesia, Africa, and Europe stimulated her ability to see the inherent aesthetics of nature, enlightened her gaze and helped her to consider the significance of nature in our lives, and society, as a whole. 

Among many natural objects, she is particularly interested in birds. This is because there are a number of subjects that raise the interest to study the life of birds in depths to understand their relationship with humanity and reflect innate human nature. 
Historically, birds have contributed to various human cultural developments, including arts, science, philosophy, and religion since birds have numerous differentiated elements from other animals; says to be their unique reproduction system, original feather colours (e.g., primary colours that cannot be found from other animals), the ability to fly, and their seasonal long-distance migration from continents to continents. Moreover, birds somehow adopted the artificial world over centuries. On the other hand, they react sensitively against such changes through their life. 

Hence, Yula's arts intend to explore the aesthetics of natural objects and to narrate the relationship between human matters (e.g.morality) and the influence on nature, such as the reduction of animal populations and the extinction of animal species in various regions due to human matters-the history of human use of animals for their cultural developments and the satisfaction of owning objects-through distinctive subjects of birds. 
Yula is a MA student of the Royal College of Art, and she had previously studied BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Artist Statement

As a Third Culture Kid (aka TCK: who doesn't belong to either their racial or parental cultures), I spent my life in four continents with distinctive environments of societies and nature. Personally, I love my diverse cultural backgrounds, and I am very proud of it since I belong to neither cultural gazes. Therefore, my interests relate to the ultimate relationship between humanity, the ethical quality of humans, and nature. 

In many natural elements, I love birds. They are the utmost aesthetical animals that belong to neither background. They may have their indigenous habitants and lifestyle, but they are also free since they can fly and have the wisdom to adjust their lives with humankind while keeping their distance. They are sensitive, but this makes them more attractive than other animals. I have had numerous different bird species, and I made a personal study of birds since my BAs. Hence, I would say birds are the main subjects in my art. 

My aim is to research the correspondence between the history of human use of birds for their cultural, political, and artistic developments and how these issues have raised the question of human morality. For example, various tropical birds in pacific islands have either been extinct or reduced their population due to the influence of humans.

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