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Paulina Archambault

Paulina Archambault

Oregon City, United States


I'm a Polish visual artist living now in Oregon, USA.
I'm painting mostly people. I'm fascinated with faces and their endless expressions. I'm coming in my paintings to a flood of childhood memories. Also I'm very interested in minimalism, in creating bold effect with simplicity of the image. This can be observed mostly in my still lifes.

Artist Statement

The modern expressionist portraits of Polish artist Paulina Archambault are inspired by people. She's fascinated by faces. She's also come back to painting still lifes. In both genres, her expression is direct and compelling.

Paulina begins each painting directly on canvas, typically without a plan or sketches. Using palette knifes, brushes and acrylic paint, she develops each piece by adding and changing forms, painting multiple layers until the work feels finished. Paulina believes her work does not require a complex backstory.

“If someone is not moved by my art, then it won't help to explain anything”, says Paulina.

Paulina studied visual art growing up in Cracow, Poland. She got her B.A. in visual art in Hamburg, Germany. She now lives and works in Oregon with her husband and two children.

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